We have experience in manufacturing parts where input material is any kind of plastic , rubber or their alloys.

Mud Flaps

Plastics brackets

Folding clips

Fin antenna

Seat belt covers

Reinforcement parts

Arm rest

Wheel arcs of cars

Coolant bottle cap

Car-Door-Trim Ornament

Car Rear Seat Bracket

Car Rear Parcel Stay

Car Rear Parcel Shelf Holder

Car Door Child Part

Child Seat Anchor

Jigs and Fixtures :-

Jigs and fixtures comprise of checking fixtures for automobile parts which have a lot of contours in them. We manufacture similar parts for automobile and other companies as well. We manufacture Jigs for production purpose including punching and other related fixtures. We have manufactured many of them for automobile OEM supplier companies.

White Goods Components

Air Conditioner


Stereo Woofer

Washing Machine

Electronic Components

Switch Gear Parts

Packaging Components

Plastic Caps, Clips


We manufacture Helmets with the Brand name BIGPIE.

With our expertise in the business of automobiles, making helmets was an idea keeping in mind the safety of the two wheeler rider.

A two wheeler rider not only requires a good protection of the head but also needs to be visible to pedestrians and other vehicle drivers. The accidents generally happen due to low visibility.

We have come up with a helmet with LED light. This helmet is not only rugged and safe but also visible to others for added safety of the rider under poor visibility.


    Since it is the first thing which hits at the time of a crash. We have very carefully designed it in a way that it can take maximum impact. We have used lot of curvatures all around and tested them in our CAD software to take on maximum impact without breaking. Not only the design, we have made sure that the helmet shell is moulded with imported high pressure injection moulding machines for consistent quality.


    Selection of outer shell material is equally important for the strength of the helmet. We only use High Impact Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (High Impact ABS) material.


    It is made out of high density thermocol which absorbs most of the energy of the impact.


    It is made of high quality fabrics and plastics.

  5. VISOR :-

    It is made of most clear and tough polycarbonate material.


    It is made of most clear and tough polycarbonate material.


    EPDM seals are used to protect the LED and electrical system from water.


    We use high end Lithium ion polymer batteries which are safest batteries till date. It is a 3.7 volt battery located in the back area of the shell. The on/off switch is also at the back of the helmet and it is of the push button style. The on off switch along with the charging point are well covered with a good quality EPDM cover to protect it from water during rains. To make these batteries safer, the batteries are having an external battery management system which shuts off the LED supply when it reaches 10%. This makes battery safer and increases battery life. The battery management system also makes sure that once the battery is charged 100%, it automatically disconnects the battery from further charging. This also enhances safety of battery and the user.

    Apart from battery management system, this helmet is equipped with a special circuit which gives a balanced current output. This means that once the battery is charged for 2 hours, it will be sufficient to run the LED lights backup up to 9 hours. It’s not required to charge the battery very often. The company provides an external USB charging cable so that the user can charge it with a computer or can use mobile charger which has a USB output. Our helmets having a good quality Lithium ion polymer battery with optimization circuits and battery management systems make it good for up-to 1500 recycle charges.

Injection Molding Workshop for Helmet Production

All the helmet production processes, such as injection molding, painting, liner sewing and assembly, are accomplished in our own factory. This allows for effective quality control at every stage of production.

The painting of the helmet shell

In this workshop, our helmets are painted and then sent into a drying booth.

Helmet Liner Sewing

Our sewing machine operators are all fully trained, which can ensure the quality of the sewed helmet liner.


Our helmet quality and safety testing lab

We have in house testing lab for testing the motorcycle helmet. This helps us in ensuring quality of helmet at every stage of production.


We manufacture products/parts for various other allied industries as well.

Telephones various designs

T.V Cabinets and grills

Remotes for T.V

Mobile phone covers

Water purifier housings

LED Light

Motor Housing

Pressure Cooker Cap